Niches in Graphic Design: Why and How to Choose Yours


It is a priority to know which are Graphic Design Niches, to know which is the best way to choose.

When you come into Graphic Design world, it’s your choice, because you have passion, good taste for graphic and colors, drawing affinity.

You begin reading books, look at very talented artists, read so many good articles. Then you come to that point:

Can I reach a so high level?


Sure, you can.

But. I say yes but I’m not telling you the way it’s easy. It is not. It is a very long and difficult one, you need time to achieve some results and demonstrate your skills. It’s hard, but not impossible. You can do it.



First of all, you need to choose your Niche in Graphic Design.

Then, you need to choose your Tool.

Let’s see how.


Why you need to choose a Niche in Graphic Design

Choosing a niche means choosing a piece of market to address your work to. As well as in Web Design, it is a good practice to choose your target customers in Graphic Design too.

You can choose which kind of works you like to execute, depending on your client. Why?

Because this way you can specialize in something and work even better when you know your target client. You will discover problems and solutions about that niche and you will be specialized to solve them.

That happens in every working environment, so in Graphic Design one too. It is no good to specialize in everything, even there.

“Specializing in everything” means doing everything bad. It’s better to concentrate on one thing, ignoring others deliberately.

“Don’t I loose clients, this way?”. Sure, but it’s the result of choosing. And as such it will bring to you target customers, I mean people interested to your products and ready to pay a specialist as you are.


How to choose a Niche in Graphic Design

There are two ways to choose your niche:

  • doing what you do best
  • combine it with what you like to do

For instance, if you can draw and can use Photoshop fine, both things can be used to develop your own work and you can specialize doing just that.

I love using Illustrator and choose it to work on my niche.


Where you can choose a Niche in Graphic Design

It depends. You got two options:

  • working with clients close to you geographically
  • working online

If you want to work with clients you want to meet (geographically close), you have to choose an area.

Is it your town? Do you want to include close towns around?

Do you want to extend more?

Just choose which are geographical border you don’t want to overpass. Specialize on that area, and maybe you can take a larger area when you have done with the first one.

Remember: if you do this choice, your business success depends on locally economy.

So, before you can take a decision, just go around and ask people working in this area since time, to know if searching there is worth. Don’t be surprised if you receive negative answers: “It is not worth…there’s no much work…the best is changing your mind”. It often happens because people fear competition. For this reason, you could find co-workers who want to discourage you 🙂

But this is not the way we will be. Some kind of people don’t know that competition is exactly what we need to achieve success. But this is something else, maybe I will talk to you about it some day.

If you want to work online instead, things become different. In this case you will be able to work with customers from all over the world.

You can work choosing through many freelance sites, where you can find work. Here just someone:


Here you will be able to find so many job offers for graphic, design and illustration. You can choose an ad and propose your quote. Don’t forget to link to your portfolio.

Another valid way to work it with Passive Income. You are free to create resources you like and to sell them more and more. Places where you can do that are for instance Graphic River and Creative Market.

In both cases you can choose your reference market. A good example is the one from Flauntmydesign, who presents us a various schema:


Which Niche to choose Graphic Design

Now you know why you have to choose your niche, where to choose it and which tools to use. You miss just one step: which one to choose.

I show you here the great list of Millo:

  1. Find your design niche in designing web sites for small businesses
  2. Designing web sites that can be edited by non-programmer/coder clients
  3. Designing extremely original business cards
  4. Designing very fancy application icons
  5. Designing mobile web sites
  6. Find your niche in designing facebook pages
  7. Designing facebook tabs
  8. Designing twitter backgrounds
  9. Designing web sites that turn a ‘boring’ business into an exciting one
  10. Designing movie posters
  11. Find your niche in designing concert posters
  12. Designing microsites
  13. Designing portfolio sites
  14. Designing landing pages
  15. Working exclusively with Dentists
  16. Working exclusively with Doctors
  17. Working exclusively with Small Businesses
  18. Working exclusively with Large Corporations
  19. Working exclusively with Grocery Stores
  20. Working exclusively with Hair Salons
  21. Working exclusively with Animal Shelters
  22. Working exclusively with Restaurants
  23. Find your design niche in working exclusively with Clothing companies
  24. Working exclusively with Photographers
  25. Working exclusively with other designers
  26. Working exclusively with Online businesses
  27. Working exclusively with Brick and Mortar Businesses
  28. Targeting companies that have no well-established brand
  29. Targeting companies that have a rich brand history
  30. Targeting companies that are non-profit
  31. Targeting fortune 500 companies
  32. Targeting companies that have only a few employees
  33. Find your design niche by targeting companies that have never done business online
  34. Focusing on selling wordpress templates
  35. Focusing on selling HTML templates
  36. Focusing on selling stock logos
  37. Focusing on selling branding strategies
  38. Focusing on selling style guides
  39. Focusing on selling CSS stylesheets
  40. Specializing in HTML5 web sites
  41. Specializing in Flash web sites
  42. Specializing in Javascript applications
  43. Specializing in Jquery-rich sites
  44. Specializing in high-traffic design
  45. Specializing in usability design
  46. Specializing in logo design
  47. Specializing in print design
  48. Specializing in business card design
  49. Specializing in internet marketing design
  50. Specializing in web banner ads
  51. Specializing in branding & identity design
  52. Specializing in product design
  53. Find your design niche by specializing in transportation design
  54. Specializing in billboard design
  55. Specializing in flyer design
  56. Specializing in point-of-purchase design
  57. Specializing in package design
  58. Specializing in vintage design
  59. Specializing in modern techniques
  60. Specializing in style guide design
  61. Blogging about the business of design 😉
  62. Blogging about where designers can find inspiration
  63. Blogging about your own design projects
  64. Blogging about freelance design
  65. Blogging about printing techniques
  66. Blogging exclusively about print design
  67. Blogging exclusively about web design
  68. Blogging about logo design
  69. Blogging about design education
  70. Or, like me, find your design niche while blogging about design entrepreneurship

Bonus Update!

After posting this article, I received an interesting email from Tomas Fransson reporting me a very interesting niches collection he made, about Web & Graphic Designers, Photographers, Illustrators, Writers and more.

His collection name is The Niche Notebook and it’s very easy to read and consult through tabs, and many links to take examples from.

Thanks a lot Tomas for your email!

100 Niche Market Examples for Creative Professionals - 880 x 440 px - (Twitter)


All these advices personally helped me on my job. If you find your specialization and you understand whom to drive it, you will concentrate yourself just on one thing. Acting this way will make you an expert in that subject.

With time you will see worth clients coming to you.


Seeing is believing.

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