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Illustrator & Crafts: It’s time to use Illustrator for crafty things!

So long time I didn’t write on here!

I am working so hard to find a way to express myself through Illustrator and vector creations.

So, the other day I was searching for a planner/agenda/organizer where I can put all my stuff, can write my ideas, can insert pictures (I have thousand of pics in my phone, I never print one of them!). Something really personal, indeed.

Last months I had a little school teacher experience, where I taught children how to crate crafty things from stuff they have at home, and how to recycle it.

Well, it was a very interesting and surprising course. Children were very happy to learn how to glue, color, stick, cut pieces of paper, plastic bottles, old glass and so on.

And I was happy to prepare material for them. Many times I created some badges, labels and other stuff in Illustrator, then i printed it and used to put it on cute things, like the one here following.

Paper Box with Illustration

Well, that came my idea for my planner. I wanted it totally personal, so I created it by myself.

I mean ALL: templates, pages, graphics, covers. I punched all paper, glued, cut…I have to say, I had a lot of fan. I am a paper fan, for this reason I stored up some papers , different in shapes, colors and weight. Those have been very useful for this little project.

Anyway, I am still going on this. I want to create stickers, peace of papers and new graphics to put on it.

For now, you can enjoy this video presentation where I show you my principal steps to build my planner.

It seems a very interesting world, illustrator & crafts 🙂

P.S. Through this link you should be able to understand if you like a particular niche in illustration and if you can work on it. It seems there is no examples mixing illustration & crafts? Do you have some useful link to share?

In the meantime, look at my video. Enjoy!


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