How to Create your Email Signature and Why you Should Use it

You could not believe it, but Email Signature is one of the most important things in our message.

Email Signature tells us not just who we are and what we do, but it express our personality and, in our case, even our creativity.


Informations to provide in our Signature

Signature can provide additional informations which can be other ways to contact us, for instance a phone number or Skype address.

This way you can be contacted by a client who is in a rush. But: this is on your discretion. If you have a business number to put on it (cause it is not available on week-ends), you can do it. But  inserting your private number is not a good practice.

For this reason, choosing Skype is a good compromise. It happened to me, a client contacted me on Skype 5 minutes after he got my email. It’s good both to chat than to speak online for free, and it’s very good for clients who are in a hurry and want to know us on the moment, so why don’t you use it?

I recommend you, don’t use skype names like flyingbutterfly or hotboy because it is not professional 🙂


Images in Signature

We can insert our Logo. But you need to know that just your logo has to be an image, not your entire signature. For two reasons:

  • because email becomes too heavy
  • because images can be blocked on opening email, so you risk your signature will be not seen at all.

So, if you want to insert your logo, remember that the rest of your signature has to be text, and it has to be displayed well

Alternatively, if you won’t your logo in your email signature, you can insert a picture of you. It has to be professional as well: thus no pictures of you at sea, no sunglasses. Picture will be small, so let it be recognizable.


Social in Signature

I would insert just 2 Socials: Twitter and Linkedin, for two reasons:

  • Through your Twitter link you let your reader to see your activity on social and blogging. Your articles should talk about your job, but it is sometimes good to see posts where you talk about you, because this way you show your human side.
  • Linkedin is required to let your reader to see your resume and your works. I send resume via email no more, I just use my Linkedin address. It is specially useful if you got many Endorsements from colleagues and partners, that are visible on your account.


How to Create an Email Signature

It is not necessary using html, also because we could work on it risking to see it not good on every mail provider (and there are many).

So we can use services to create it.

I created a list of the best I found, and inserted a demo I made myself.
in many of them your first signature is free, while other services to add are premium. But I found good the one free.










We saw why it is important to create our signature in email, what you should insert in and how to create it in an easy way, through services on web.

And you? Have you your own email signature?

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