Flying to the Moon

“I cannot sleep!”

He slept with the window open, especially in summer. “I open it wide,” he said, “this way the blue of the sky comes into my room and it looks not so dark.”

When no clouds were in the sky, he spoke with the Moon. She could comfort him.

“Do you know who’s here tonight?” Said the Moon.

“No! Who is there?”

“There are two other children who are afraid of the dark, just like you. Do you want to know them? ”


He sat on the moon, there were two other children lying down. Everyone, in their pajamas, listened carefully.

“There is no reason to be afraid of the dark,” said the Moon. “Do you know a thinh? If there was no darkness, we could not see the stars.”

“Why?” – asked one of the children.

“Because the stars are shy in the light of the sun. It looks like the sun, with its majesty, wanted to hide them from the man’s sight. They come out then – slowly, one by one – when the light goes away. Timidly, tiptoed. They don’t make noise, you cannot hear them. You realize that they are there only when you raise your eyes to the sky, in the night”.

“So are you shy too and do you appear slowly as well?”

“Yes, and Darkness is my great friend. We always walk together. That’s why you often see me as half moon. When I want to be alone, that’s when you see me in full.”

Said this, she picked up a few stars to make wreaths on the heads of her little guests. He accompanied them one by one in their bed, with the help of Darkness.

They left together. It was one of those nights, when the Moon was halfway. .


“Flying to the Moon” is a collection inspired by this little story, that I wrote a while ago. I wanted to turn it into an illustrated booklet, but then a collection of fabrics came out of it.

In the “Flying to the moon” collection all that you can read in the story: children, the moon, the stars in different shades, the puppets of children’s rooms, the little house in the woods with the little light on, the clouds, the flowers of the forest and the road that leads to the Moon.

It could be nothing else than a collection for children.

“Then a person has only one tale?”
No, some have two or three separate ones or more,” Fleet said. “Some people have many tales. Sometimes they are linked into one big tale, sometimes they are utterly distinct. Most people do not have one at all.”
― Chris Wooding, Poison

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