9 Reasons Why You Should Use a To Do List

9 Reasons to use a to do list

We are Freelance.

Thats’ the reason why, we always have so much to do.

So much to learn and to organize.

You arrive at the end of the day tired, frustrated because you have not completed even half of the things you wanted to?

How did you create your goals?? Maybe with flying post-it, some on on your screen, some on the fridge, some on the door?

Bad. You have to think how to organize things better, to get goals done.

Here the reason why you need a To-Do List.

Listing things you have to do is a happy party for your mental organization. You prepare everything on the evening, and the day after everything is ready. You know where to start and  where to end.

When I began to act this way, I could primarily focus myself on my list, worked hard and finished my work earlier than usual.

And, finally, felt satisfied.

Here our 9 fundamental reasons why you need a To-Do List.

1. Spurred

We grow up following something our entire life: at school, at home, at work. Someone always told us what we had to do.
But now things changed. Freelancer has no one, which tells him what to do.
There is no one telling you “move“!
Thus we have to create our mentor. A To-Do List is our mirror: it reflects ourselves. Thus, we are our mentor.

2. Urgency

When you look at your list, you feel a kind of pressure.

That’s the reason you should put your most urgent and important works on the top.

But pay attention on this.

If I tell you that something is urgent, it doesn’t mean it’s important too.

If I tell you that something is important, it doesn’t mean it’s urgent too.

I give you an example:

  • Something urgent, but not important (for our work): pay a bill.
    On my to-do list I can delegate someone to do that for me.
  • Something important, but not urgent > Working on a tutorial to sell.

So, what can be important ed urgent at the same time?

Delivering a logo sketch to a client.

That will be on the top of my list.

N.B. A good habit is to insert on the top of the list what needs more concentration. You can do more relaxing works in the afternoon.

3. Gratification

Following these steps gives you gratification. Nothing is better than having your goals done at the end of the day 🙂

Complete your day by creating a to-do list for the the after.

4. Short and Simple

Just do few and good things.

Don’t fill your to-do list with 75768 things. You could never finish all them in a day.

If you use your list as a reminder, writing down everything that comes to your mind, you have to think different then.
Just create a different list, your Master List.

Take 3 ideas every day from your Master list and put them in your to-do list. This way you will work more quickly and have all your ideas under control.

5. Make your Positive Day with a To Do List

Put on your list something that makes you smile, when you see it.
Maybe a smiling sun icon (which you drawn), a drawing by your kids, a picture, a little object that let you think something pleasant.

Let your list being something pleasant to be with, something pleasant to look at.

I use icons for every kind of list. I create a very specific icon for a specific function, then print it and put on my list where I want.

Color your list and make it a cool friend to work with!

6. Multiply ideas

Another way to add quickly ideas is through post-it.

I love them. My desk is full of them. I use them a lot because it’s (for me) my quickest way to write down an idea. Or I forget it in a second!

When I have time and calm at the end of the day, I pick up all of them and write them in another list: ideas list.

When you are on weekend and take a look at your ideas list, you’ll realize how much your mind worked that week!

Suggestion: use all shapes, dimensions and colors post-it. They will help you to divide ideas in sections, through their colors.

Use a color/shape for every kind of idea:

  • green = ideas for blog posts;
  • yellow = ideas on resources to create
  • pink = ideas on tutorial to write

and so on.

7. Simplify your work

If you have a very complex task in your list, you can divide it in some sub-tasks.
This way you can concentrate yourself in a little thing and finish it quickly.

If you realize that a task got too many “children” tasks,  then you could divide the parent task in 2 or 3 days.

8. Plan your Time

Very important point.

Specify the time you need for every task on your list.

How much time you think you need to get that work done?

Knowing your needed time will let you estimate better your work day. You can compare how much time you thought you needed and how much you really need.

9. Kinds of List

There are so many kinds of list. There are so many app too that let you insert tasks very quickly.

But I love paper.

Paper is always with me. Even if I turn my Mac off, I have the chance to quickly check it and see what I have to do.

I love multi-lists too, and have one for everything. I create many of them by myself (with Illustrator), and they are my faithful companions, every day.

But, as I said, I think lists have to be cool and attractive. I put all of them on a Ikea board:



I created some little icons to check empty squares (in the picture, the red and green ones), then print them on a sticky paper, cut them off and put on the list.

Maybe someone can think it is a waste of time, I can assure you it is a so relaxing thing!

I finished many works this way.

So? Do you want to use your To Do List?

P.S. If you won’t create your lists, just use mine. You can download them for free!


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